Gray Defense Pro Supplement 3-Pack


Take a daily defense against gray hairs to restore natural hair color and strength with Mane’s Gray Defense Pro Supplement. Get the support of activating nutrients including Fo-Ti Root, Black Sesame Extract, and vitamins B1, B6, and B12 in one power dose to fill nutritional gaps, grow healthier hair, and boost melanin production for natural hair re-pigmentation.

Start turning back the clock!

Your Secret Hair Re-Pigmentation Weapon

Are more and more gray hairs coming in? Stress, age, and genetics all lead to weakened roots that no longer grow your original pigment. What if one powerhouse supplement could supply your body with the activating nutrients to reverse the growth of coarse, weak, gray hair?

Mane’s Gray Defense Pro Supplement boosts your nutritional levels with powerful vitamins and minerals that keep your hair its original color, including Fo-Ti Root to increase melanin production and improve color and vibrance throughout the hair shaft.

Get Amazing Long-Term Results

Week 3

Daily nutritional support protects the follicle from oxidative stress that causes graying hair.

Week 6

Fo-Ti Root and Black Sesame Extract promote melanin production to add pigment back to your hair growth process.

Week 9

See visible results throughout your head as roots not only grow darker hair, but stronger and healthier hair.

Why Your Hair Turns Gray (and How To Stop It)

A perfect head of hair can turn gray due to aging, vitamin deficiency, premature graying genetics, stress, and more.

Here's how it happens:

- Pigment cells in your hair called melanocytes decrease production with age, resulting in color leaving your hair

- Stress releases the chemical NE into the follicle which rapidly kills melanocytes, ending pigment production

By supplying your body with the essential vitamins for melanin production, you can overcome both genetics and stress to reverse a trend toward gray hair.

How Gray Defense Pro Supplement Works

To give guys a daily gray hair solution we identified the top vitamin deficiencies that cause graying in males and the most powerful nutrients that can activate re-pigmentation in multiple phases.

Phase 1

Introduce nutrients like Biotin, which are not stored in the body naturally but are crucial for hair health.

Phase 2

Supply vitamins including A, B1, and B12 to provide antioxidants and amino acids.

Phase 3

Fo-Ti Root and Black Sesame Extract stimulate the creation of pigment cells in the follicle, promoting more and more color with every new hair.

Phase 4

Vitamin C and Niacin provide powerful antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress causing gray hair, keeping it healthy, strong, and dark.

Powerful Vitamins and Nutrients

Fo-Ti Root

Fo-Ti Root is an herb from traditional medicine that stimulates melanin production to restore natural color and delay graying over time.

Black Sesame Seed Extract

Shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that reduce oxidative stress to prevent graying, while improving hair texture and shine.

Vitamin B12

Supports the production of oxygen-rich blood cells to improve hair health and give it a thicker, fuller appearance.

All Ingredients

Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Selenium, Copper, Para-aminobenzoic Acid, Black Sesame Seed Extract, Fo-Ti Root


After Meal

Take 1 capsule after meal. If taking anti-inflammatory drugs, drinking tea, coffee, alcohol, or taking other medicines, take product 2 hours later.

Every Day

Recommended to take Gray Defense Pro Supplement once per day for best results.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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