Gray Reverse
Conditioner Bar


Restore your deep, vibrant hair color and shine with the power of Mane’s Gray Reverse Conditioner Bar. Our natural formula includes Shea Butter and Cocoa Seed Butter to condition and stimulate deep in each hair strand, promoting strength and re-pigmentation throughout your head and beard. Start seeing permanent results in as soon as 3 weeks.


Your Secret Gray Hair
Reversal Weapon

The gray hairs will just keep coming, but before you try an expensive treatment or another hair dye, there’s a more natural, gentler solution that works with your hair to return color.

Mane’s Gray Reverse Conditioner Bar restores color and strength to your head with a targeted formula that supports re-pigmentation of gray hairs for deep, lasting results.

Ingredients including Shea Butter and Olive Fruit Oil moisturize and enhance your original hair color, helping to reverse the growth of gray hair for good.

Get Breakthrough Results That Start In a Few Weeks

Week 3

Your scalp is healthier and hair is noticeably more vibrant as ingredients like Olive Fruit Oil remove toxins and impurities from follicles.

Week 6

Your natural color is enhanced as each hair is conditioned, moisturized, and activated.

Week 9

Your hair is smoother, vibrant, and your full natural color as re-pigmentation occurs throughout your head..

Why Your Hair Turns Gray (and How To Stop It)

A perfect head of hair can turn gray due to many things:

• Aging
• Premature Graying
• Stress

Here's how it happens:

1. Pigment cells in your hair called melanocytes decrease production with age, resulting in color leaving your hair

2. Stress releases the chemical NE into the follicle which rapidly kills melanocytes, ending pigment production

Protecting melanocytes and stimulating them to rapidly increase your pigment production can overcome both bad genetics and extreme daily stress.

Proven Results

For Your Hair

Apply in your normal shower routine to support natural hair in each hair.

For Your Beard

Get the beard color you want without expensive treatments. Stimulate pigment cells and fix your gray patches.

For Your Eyebrows

Fix every hair including your eyebrows. Gray Reverse Conditioner Bar works in weeks to get every hair on your head naturally vibrant and back in color.

How Gray Reverse Conditioner Bar Works

Gray Reverse Conditioner Bar works rapidly to restore health and hydration and support hair pigmentation, bringing back color where possible.

Phase 1

Dead roots will not receive new nutrients and hair will remain gray until falling out - unless stimulated.

Phase 2

Ingredients like Olive Fruit Oil condition your hair and clear the path for nutrients.

Phase 3

As hair receives nutrients, additional moisturizing helps lift your natural hair color to the surface.

Phase 4

If the root and follicles are kept healthy, hair will reach its full, natural color.

Powerful Ingredients

Cocoa Seed Butter

Forms a protective barrier for hair, maintaining color, hydration, and health against UV damage and breakage.

Olive Fruit Oil

Conditions and strengthens hair, helping to prevent fading and dryness.

Shea Butter

Adds moisturizing and shine to your hair, bringing out its natural color. Also provides anti-inflammation.



How To Use

Use on your hair or beard!

Step 1

Soak Hair to Wet Thoroughly

Hop in the shower and wet your hair with warm water. Run your hands through your scalp or beard to make sure it is wet throughout.

Step 2

Create Lather

Run the condtioner bar in your hands to create a lather.

Step 3


Once the bar has created a foam in your hands, set it aside and massage the lather into your hair, all the way to your scalp (for head) or chin (for beard).

Step 4


Rinse the foam out thoroughly and finish your hair routine as normal.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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