About Mane

Jason Cooper and Marc Frasier are the co-founders of Mane, a hair, health, and vitality company for men. Years of research and testing have helped them perfect the best possible products to help men thicken and activate their hair to reverse the effects of stress and growing older.

Their story starts when Jason Cooper was a men’s hairstylist in Los Angeles with a long list of VIP clientele including celebrities, producers, and CEOs, and Marc, the founder of Beautech, an anti-aging science lab specializing in natural solutions backed by science.

The most common question Jason received from his clients was how to stop their hair from falling out. Jason told them all the same thing, it’s just genetics and there's nothing you can do.

But then Jason noticed his own hair starting to thin…

Jason’s dad had gone bald in his early years and even his brother’s hair was thinning in his mid 30s, so Jason imagined he didn’t have much time before he was next. But rather than telling himself there was nothing he could do, as he told his clients, he decided to understand why hair grows gray and falls out - and what the research says about stopping it.

Jason had only ever seen hair plugs or surgery as solutions for hair loss, but that was expensive, invasive, and you could tell it was fake. But new research was coming out. Natural ingredients that could have a real effect on hair loss. The only issue - some products could create temporary results, but never lasting hair restoration. Jason wanted something better.

That’s when Marc walked in for an appointment that changed everything.

Jason immediately noticed how thick and healthy Marc’s head of hair looked. “You must have great genes,” Jason commented. Marc told him the opposite was true - his whole family went bald early, and Marc himself used to have thinning hair just like Jason. But something changed.

Marc was the founder of a California beauty lab that specialized in natural oils, extracts, and ingredients for anti-aging products that had been perfecting formulas for helping men save their hair. Jason had to know more.

They met and discussed the deeper issues to thinning hair, balding, and even gray hair. Marc believed there were solutions that could help men fight hair loss. The trouble with Marc’s formula was that it was very expensive and only in testing stages. They decided to iterate on Marc’s formulas and create a product that would actually work for men while staying affordable..

Together, they first researched dozens of products that promised to thicken men’s hair. They realized many of the products didn’t create a visible difference because they used expensive chemicals instead of working naturally with inactive roots. They also realized, a thicker head of hair is not a one-time purchase - you need a product you can buy every few months without burning a hole in your wallet..

After months of research they settled on a targeted list of ingredients focused on scalp health, and most importantly, waking up inactive roots.

With these ingredients they formulated the first Mane product: Root Activator Shampoo. After 6 months of success with customers, Jason and Marc designed a bundle of products to provide complete vitamins, stimulants, and enzymes to men’s hair. They formulated the Mane Complex system, combining dozens of oils and extracts for consistent help for men with thinning hair. The products became essential for Jason’s high-powered clients. And the more they demanded them, the more Jason realized it was time to leave the salon behind and work solely with Marc and their new brand.

To date, Mane has provided thousands of men with affordable shampoo, conditioner, and root activating serums that can help men grow thicker, stronger hair. In addition, the Gray Hair Reverse Shampoo was formulated and tested in early 2022 to help men turn their gray hair dark again. It is now available.

Although the salon seems far behind him, Jason still returns every couple of weeks to check in on his favorite customers and see how far their hair has come with his products.