How Does Mane Work?

The Science-Backed Secret To Root Reactivation

How Mane Activates Your Roots

Tired of seeing men with thick, long hair and wondering how they get it so perfect? The truth is not in genetics alone - every guy can have lush hair by improving their hair. Unfortunately, most hair products ignore two main problems:

1 Your scalp gets full of toxins and buildup from places like shower water that block proteins and nutrients and upset your pH balance.

2 Your roots have a natural cycle that can grow “lazy” without reactivation.

We want you to know the simple secret to defeating these problems.

Reactivating your roots to supercharge your hair’s natural cycle.

Mane has studied the natural hair cycle to create powerful formulas for men. Our full system clears out toxins & buildup and gives your scalp access to the proteins and nutrients it needs to create strong follicles and long-term stimulation of roots.

What is Root Reactivation?

Stronger hair starts at the root. Roots are often blocked by toxins from water, oils, and pollution that lead to shallow, weak roots and prevent healthy growth. Clearing out roots with safe, effective ingredients sets the stage for thicker, fuller, healthier hair.

Root Reactivation wakes up sleeping roots and triggers natural renewal.

By improving blood flow on the scalp, you tell your roots to activate and prepare for action. An activated root and surrounding follicle is lifted, strong, and unblocked, which allows the hair to stay thick and strong.

Creating a Natural Renewal Cycle That Lasts Longer

Hair stays on your head anywhere from a few weeks to 6 years. By keeping your roots healthy and strong you can prevent hair from falling out early and extend the natural cycle of hair to last longer and grow thicker.

Here’s how we do that:

Extend the Life Cycle of Hair

Ingredients like Propylene Glycol travel into the root to help the follicle absorb moisture and create a barrier against toxins and buildup. This keeps your roots protected and stimulates your follicles.

Reactivate Every Root

Ingredients like Zingiber Officinale “wake up” hair follicles that are blocked from nutrients and activate roots, especially in patchy or balding areas. Root reactivation is the key to a full, lucious head of hair to ensure that all of your roots are playing a part.

Longer and Thicker

When a hair follicle is protected, it stays open and lifted. This allows each hair to become thick and long, as ingredients like Polygonum Multiflorum Extract supercharge your hair natural cycle.

See a Difference in Weeks

Most heads of hair have over 100,000 strands in different phases of growth. Mane’s products care for the root, follicle, and hair strand in each phase to improve your natural renewal cycle.

Every 4 Weeks

Anagen Phase

The active growth phase for hair when the old hair is pushed out and new hair starts growing. Mane’s products will stimulate the root to move rapidly through the initial phase of the hair strand. Mane will also help the follicle create a barrier against toxins, which is critical. This phase should last for up to 6 years, but can end prematurely if the follicle is blocked by toxins.

2 to 3 Weeks

Catagen Phase

The hair strand enters a transitional phase, reaching its full potential. It is critical to keep protecting the root and prevent buildup so that the hair doesn’t fall out before the final phase.

~ 100 DAYS

Telogen Phase

This is a resting phase for a hair strand as it falls out at this time. Mane’s products will extend the lifespan of the hair as much as possible and keep the root activated for new hair.

Amazing Results

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Before we offer products to you, the Mane team completes significant research and testing to make sure you will receive the best, most efficient products in hair care. We have safest, most effective products in the world and we back that up with a risk-free 30-day satisfaction guarantee! If your experience today, or any day, is less than perfect, please let us know and we will make it right.

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