Heat Activated Hair Color – Black


Darken your gray hairs naturally using sunlight & blow dryer color activation with Mane’s Heat Activated Hair Color. The method is safer than irritating dyes, with a photosynthetic response to heat that lifts pigment cells to the hair’s surface and creates deep color. Your existing color blends in as it darkens, perfect for touch ups or larger gray patches.


Your Secret to Lasting Dark Hair

Are gray hairs taking over your head? Before trying another messy dye filled with irritating chemicals, there’s a powerful solution that gets your hair confidence back fast.

Mane’s Heat Activated Hair Color uses a heat-activated reaction in your hair that lifts pigment cells to its surface and leaves behind deep, lasting color.

Ingredients include Silver Halide, Olive Oil, and Brown Algae Extract which moisturize, strengthen, and activate color in a safe, gentle process.

Get Breakthrough Results in Weeks

Week 3

Naturally-derived ingredients including Silver Halide respond to heat, activating re-pigmentation in the hair shaft.

Week 6

Brown Algae Extract and Olive Oil Extract provide nutrients and antioxidants that add strength and shine.

Week 9

Your hair returns to a full, natural color with improved health and hydration that helps prevent future graying.

Why Your Hair Turns Gray (and How To Stop It)

A perfect head of hair can turn gray due to many things:

• Aging
• Premature Graying
• Stress

Here's how it happens:

1. Pigment cells in your hair called melanocytes decrease production with age, resulting in color leaving your hair

2. Stress releases the chemical NE into the follicle which rapidly kills melanocytes, ending pigment production

Stimulating the production of pigment cells can overcome both bad genetics and extreme daily stress to return color to your hair.

How Heat Activated Hair Color Works

As heat reaches the hair shaft, temperature-sensitive particles change shape and lift darker pigments, creating a re-coloring effect across the whole strand of hair.
Phase 1


Dead roots will not receive new nutrients and hair will remain gray until falling out - unless stimulated.

Phase 2


The hair shaft is supplied with nutrients and stimulants that restore health and prepare for re-pigmentation.

Phase 3


Heat exposure creates a reaction in the hair shaft that lifts color to the surface.

Powerful Ingredients

Silver Halide

Light-sensitive chemical compound which gently changes the color of molecules when exposed to sunlight.

Olive Oil Extract

Maintains powerful health and hydration for the hair shaft. Prevents damage and delays graying.

Brown Algae Extract

Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish the hair strand and keep it healthy. Helps soothe the scalp and reduce irritation.


Water,Cetyl Alcohol,Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol,BG,Olive Oil,Peg-25 Stearate,Brown Algae Extract,Citric Acid,Lauryl Enolamine,Kinacuna Seed Oil Fatty Acids,Ethylhydroxyl Radical Maunium Maite Saru Fuito,DPG,Isopropanol,Vitamin E,EDTA-2Na,Nipagin Methyl Ester

How To Use

Only use on your head.

Step 1


Make sure hair is clean and dry. Put on plastic gloves and avoid direct contact with your skin.

Step 2


Dispense product into your hand and massage throughout your head.

Step 3

Expose to Heat

Use a blowdryer or expose to sunlight for 10-15 minutes. Do not rinse out.

Step 4


Apply daily to see results. We estimate around one week for hair to turn fully black. Maintain color with occasional applications as needed.

Note: Your hair will initially adjust to a brown color, but after repeated use it will darken and turn black.

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